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Langthon Maritime represents Scanjet as an agent for the Norwegian marine market.

Scanjet Marine is a leading global supplier of intelligent tank management products and the unique ITAMA System for any marine and offshore application.

An industry first, the ITAMA total tank management system encompasses every aspect of marine tank set-up, tank management and tank measurement. Central to the tank management system is the integration between key aspects of marine tank maintenance, such as tank cleaning machines and P/V valves

The ITAMA concept comprises of automatic tank monitoring alarm and control, remote valve and pump control, fixed and portable tank cleaning, P/V valves, gas-freeing equipment, oil-discharge monitor and vapor emission control.

Much of the marine tank equipment manufactured by Scanjet is designed to bring together the various products within the ITAMA concept, and provide direct real-time monitoring, safe operations and control at sea and in port, in harsh marine environments.

To find out more about the ITAMA concept and how the industry changing tank management system can work for you, please contact us.

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